Boundly Settings

Boundly Theme has specific custom settings. You can find it on the left side in wordpress menu. There are descriptions to everyone settings.


Theme Logo Small:

Logo will be show in top bar and footer place.

Theme Logo Big:

Logo will be show in left sidebar and menu header.


Icon on top of your browser cart.

Apple Touch Icon:

You may want users to be able to add your web application or webpage link to the Home screen. Place your icon here, we recommend 180x180px icon size.

OG Image:

Image that appears when someone shares the content to Facebook in your chat or status.

Visual Style

Layout Style:

Boundly theme has 5 different layout styles:

Sidebar Menu:Menu Header:Right Sidebar:Menu & Widget Sidebar:Compact:Add social icons to sidebar menu:

Place links to your social accounts under menu in left sidebar.

Sidebar footer text:

Place some copyright text under menu in left sidebar.

Select Skin:

select black or white theme.

Color Version:

Select from 8 color theme.

Sticky Header:

Switch on, if you like fixed header whne user scroll.


Show spinner when page is load.

Scroll top icon:

show scroll top icon in bottom right corner.


Blog Layout:

Boundly theme has 5 different blog loop styles

Masonry:Grid:Cards:Thumbnails:Mosaic:Number of layout collumns:

Set number of collumns from 1 to 4 colls.

Full width blog loop:

Like full width style? Or not, you can use boxed width page 1170px.

Show category list in blog page:

Like to show your blog categories under blog post? Enable this feature.

Show search icon in category list:

Maybe, sometimes you don't need search icon.

Custom category title:

Place your custom title on the left side from categories.

Subscribe Bar:

Do you need get email from your visitors? Enable this feature.

Text in subscribe bar:

Your custom call to action text in subscribe bar.

Auto Excerp all posts:

If you are using this feature, all text in your blog loops will be limited for the nomber of words.

Post share buttons:

Show share buttons in every post.

If Breadcrumb NavXT plugin was activated, you can place your custom link to all your pages and posts near the your breadcrumb navigation links

Custom Page Link

Select page, where should this link refer

Link Name

Add your custom link name

Footer Upper

If enabled, choose your layout, then you can place widgets to this areas in appearance/widget settings.

Footer lower:

Footer lower show you logo in center, and 2 widgets area on left & right side.

Maintenance Mode

Maintenance Mode:

This settings set your web to private, only admin user can edit web. Users will see only maintenance page.

Show Logo:

Show logo in maintenance mode.


Add date countdown to maintenance page.

Page Title:

Set title.

Page Description:

describe your visitors what are you doing.

Add social icons:

Place your social account links here.

Custom Code

Need some custom css or js code? This place is for it.

Add Custom CSS:

Add Custom JS:

Google Analytics UA:

Place your google analytics code here, for example UA-12345678-9


In this section you can backup your Theme settings. We recommend backup your settings after setup all Boundly settings.